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[Government and enterprises discuss green printing and dyeing upgrade road]
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From gathering to upgrading, in Keqiao printing and dyeing industry, new propositions urgently need new answers. On the 11th of the first month, the clarion call for the resumption of work and production has just sounded. A symposium for soliciting opinions on the "Environmental Protection Benchmarking Enterprise Evaluation of the Printing and Dyeing Industry in Keqiao District in 2020" and the "Plan for the Improvement of Waste Gas Remediation in the Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry of Shaoxing" Chen Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. was held, and government departments, industry associations and printing and dyeing enterprises sat together to discuss the green and environmental upgrade path of printing and dyeing enterprises.

"The printing and dyeing industry is Keqiao's advantageous industry. We need to cultivate a group of environmental protection benchmarking enterprises, form a head effect, and create an atmosphere of'you chase me' in the industry." At the beginning of the forum, the relevant person in charge of the district ecological environment branch Clarified the significance of selecting environmental benchmarking enterprises, and interpreted the preliminary implementation plan. How to assess environmental benchmarking companies? How to formulate the evaluation criteria? "The selection must be true, open, and fair." "The selection criteria must be detailed and based on the actual situation of the enterprise." Several executive presidents of the District Printing and Dyeing Industry Association and on-site printing and dyeing companies have put forward their views.

  How to continue to improve the printing and dyeing waste gas? Yuan Liping, a senior engineer at Zhejiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., began to interpret the plan from several aspects including strengthening source control and process control, improving waste gas collection, improving the level of governance, and strengthening environmental management. "We need to conduct a'physical examination' of the company's existing environmental protection situation, and use data to improve it in a targeted manner." Sun Jianjun, chairman of Zhejiang Binkang Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., proposed that enterprises with environmental protection investment in line with the company's sustainable development will be strongly supported . In addition, in view of the waste gas collection in the printing workshop, some companies have also proposed new methods such as exploring the installation of removable collection devices.

   The symposium lasted for nearly 3 hours, and the on-site participants actively spoke and provided suggestions. More than 20 representatives from the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, the District Ecological Environment Branch, the District Economic and Information Bureau, the District Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, and the "Yingfeng Stock", "Binkang Printing and Dyeing" and "Xinyi Printing and Dyeing" attended the meeting.

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