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[Why do polypropylene staple fiber need to undergo antistatic treatment?]
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Why do polypropylene staple fiber need to undergo antistatic treatment?

The polypropylene staple fiber that has not been modified is prone to static electricity accumulation during use, and can cause many troubles in the processing process.

This is because polypropylene staple fiber has non-absorbent properties, and cannot be dyed and colored like other synthetic fibers such as polyester and eyeglass. And because of the high static electricity of PP short fiber, it is difficult to perform processing such as blowing and spinning, which greatly limits its application.

polypropylene staple fiber is because polypropylene fiber is located at the negative end of the fiber frictional charging sequence, so when it rubs against a fiber, it generates a negative charge by itself.

The serious static problem of polypropylene staple fiber will directly affect the cleaning, carding and other processes, and can not even be used for processing. For this problem, adding antistatic agent can solve this problem.

Developed high-efficiency, durable and practical antistatic and dyeable components that can be blended and spun with polypropylene staple fiber. The cotton-type antistatic and dyeable polypropylene staple fibers were successfully spun on large-scale equipment, which is electrostatically resistant to staple fibers. , The dyeability needs further testing.

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