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[Note to textile companies: The penalty threshold for illegal discharge of pollutants has been raised from 100,000 to 200,000]
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Since March 1, my country has fully implemented the "Regulations on the Administration of Pollution Discharge Permits" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). As the core system of environmental management of fixed pollution sources, the pollution discharge permit system is one of the important contents of upholding and improving the ecological civilization system, and will play an important role in economic and social life.

   After the implementation of the "Regulations", nearly 3,000 license-holding units and more than 37,000 pollutant discharge registration units in Hangzhou will be subject to stricter restrictions.

  How is the company's pollution discharge permit implemented? On the first day of the implementation of the regulations, law enforcement officers from the municipal ecological environment department went deep into the enterprise to investigate problems and implement them.

   After the "Regulations" are implemented, after the pollutant discharging unit obtains the pollutant discharge permit, it shall discharge the pollutant according to the permit, and implement the pollutant discharge behavior in accordance with the specified discharge outlet location and number, discharge destination, discharge concentration, and total discharge. Obviously, this printing and dyeing company has been suspected of violating pollution discharge.

   Hangzhou began to actively explore pollution discharge permit management as early as 2008. Nowadays, regulations and systems for pollution discharge permit management have been introduced at the national level, which will force a series of management systems for fixed pollution sources to fall into the “one license”.

Sha Jianfei, deputy director of the Environmental Assessment and Emission Management Office of the Hangzhou Ecological Environmental Protection Bureau, said that after the implementation of the Regulations, the supervision coverage of the ecological environment department has been expanded. In addition to enterprises that need to apply for a pollutant discharge permit, the registration management system will remove some pollutants. Enterprises with low emissions and low environmental impact are also included in the supervision. The "Regulations" further clarify the main responsibilities of the pollutant discharging unit, and require the pollutant discharging unit to implement independent management, so as to take the initiative to apply for, monitor, report, record, and disclose.

At the same time, punishments for unlicensed discharge, excessive discharge, and illegal discharge of pollutants by evading supervision have been further increased, and a fine of 200,000 yuan to 1 million yuan may be imposed, and the threshold will be raised from 100,000 yuan to 20 yuan. Ten thousand yuan.

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