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[What is PP short fiber?]
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PP short fibers are synthetic fibers made from propylene polypropylene as raw material spinning with propylene polymerization. The trade names in our country is polypropylene.

PP short fibers have the advantages of high strength, good toughness, chemical resistance and antimicrobial and low price, so widely used in ropes, fishing nets, seat belts, luggage belts, safety nets, sewing threads, cable foreskin, geotextiles Industrial sectors such as filter cloth, anti-paper felt and paper.

The polypropylene woven geotextile manufactured by high fiber strength, acid, alkali, anti-microorganism, and dry resistance, etc., can be built on the construction of civil construction in soft land, such as dike dam, reservoir, highway, Railways, etc.) functions as a reinforcement, and uniformly distributes the load load on the geotextile, so that the subgrade settlement is uniform, reducing ground cracking.

When building a slope, the woven PP short fibers can be used to stabilize the slope, reduce the collapse of the slope, shorten the construction period, and extend the life of the slope. When carrying a large load, a composite geotextile of the PP short fiber weaving and the nonwoven fabric is used as the matrix can be used.

Of course, PP short fibers can be used as filler materials such as concrete, stucco, and improve the impact resistance of concrete and water resistance.

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