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[Polypropylene short fibers will exist during production]
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The problems and solutions of the scale production polypropylene short fiber are:

1. There will be more defects in the early days, which can gradually solve the adjustment of the cycloptic cooling process parameters.

2. The accessories cannot be added one-time, and the mixture needs to be solved forehead before spinning.

3. From the initial production of polypropylene short fiber test indicators, the elongation of the modified fibers is large and the strength is low, which is due to the addition of the modified component, and is also related to the spinning process is not reasonable. The elongation will affect the quality of the yarn, so it should also be carefully regulated from the textile process.

4. From the perspective of post-spinning, there is no entanglement of tin, combed difficulties and clear flowers, etc., indicating that the number of polypropylene short fiber curling, antistatic resistance is reasonable. In addition, from the post-processing and spinning angle, it is also possible to reduce the amount of antistatic component added to the electrospray at the angle of removal of sti-woven oil or the elimination of sti-woven yarn or simple to eliminate static electricity.

5. During the anti-static dyeing polypropylene short fiber, boiling is suitable, avoiding high temperature treatment. After dyeing, it will be greatly improved after staining its polypropylene short fiber.

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