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[What are the physical properties of polyester staple fiber?]
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What are the physical properties of polyester staple fiber?

The strength of polyester staple fiber is nearly 1 times higher than cotton and 3 times higher than wool;

The elasticity of polyester staple fiber is close to wool, and it can be used at 70-170℃;

The abrasion resistance of polyester staple fiber is second only to nylon, ranking second among synthetic fibers;

Polyester staple fiber has low moisture regain and good insulation performance, but due to low water absorption, high static electricity generated by friction, and poor dyeing performance.

Due to the above physical properties of polyester staple fiber, polyester staple fiber can be used in:

polyester staple fiber is mainly used in the cotton spinning industry, spinning alone or blended with cotton, viscose fiber, linen, wool, vinylon, etc. The resulting yarn is mainly used for clothing weaving, and it can also be used for home decoration fabrics, packaging cloths, and fillings. Materials and thermal insulation materials.

polyester staple fiber is a relatively balanced variety of supply and demand in the entire polyester industry chain.

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