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[Diligence polypropylene short fiber advantage]
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Polypropylene short fiber with polyamide fibers, polyester fiber light, viscose fiber light, etc. have their own advantages, polypropylene short fibers are mainly raw materials with polypropylene resins, passed through melt spinning, drafting, curl, drying stereotype , Packages and other process processes are colored and colorless, and they specify the fluffy fibers of the number and length.

So is a polypropylene short fiber having excellent performance? Light, the density is 0.9 ~ 0.92 g / cubic centimeter, which is the lightest in all synthetic fibers, which is 2% percent than the polyamide fiber, 30% larger than the polyester fiber, 40% minus the adhesive fiber; intensity; High (the same as the same as the wet state), wear resistance and rebound; anti-microorganisms, non-mildew; chemical resistance is also superior to general synthetic fibers. Further, compared with other synthetic fibers, the electrical insulation and warmth of polypropylene short fibers is preferably, and its resistivity is high (7 × 1019 ohm · cm), and the thermal conductivity is small.

       However, the polypropylene short fiber has a low melting point (165 ~ 173 ° C), poor light, thermal stability, soopropylene fiber heat resistance, poor aging resistance, usually adopting a thermal stabilizer and an anti-aging agent to improve its performance. Its hygroscopicity and dyeness are the worst in the synthetic fibers, and the slot margin is less than 0.03%, and the ordinary dyes cannot be colored, so that the fiber is added to the raw material polypropylene during spinning. Coloration.

        Product performance:

1. Apropylene short fibers have superior humidification, flexibility, networked, and excellent thermally bonding.

2. High strength, strong curl, light weight, low melting point, good surface permeability, acid base resistance, better than other fibers

Delicaded short fibers are mainly used in acupuncture carpets, automotive interiors, non-woven fabrics, ropes, decorative materials, health care products, etc.

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