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[Stable Enterprise Strong Confidence Keqiao strongly and orderly promotes the market for the market]
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On the morning of May 28, Chen Hao, the secretary of the district committee, investigated the work of the restoration market in the light textile market. He emphasized that the fifteen -character policy is strictly in accordance with the requirements of "the epidemic must prevent, the economy must be stabilized, and the development must be safe", efficiently coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the development of economic and social development, and effectively promote the market for the market. 2. Promote the stability of the economy and improve quality, and ensure that the overall situation of the overall situation provides important guarantees.

District leaders Chen Lihua and Yuan Xiaowen participated together.

Chen Hao and his party successively investigated the resumed market situation of the China Textile City North Market and the International Fabric Purchase Center. "The place code must be scanned." "The results of the 48 -hour nucleic acid detection must be checked" ... Everywhere, Chen Hao carefully asked the market for the implementation of the market for the prevention and control measures of the normalized epidemic, emphasizing that Measures, resolutely observe the "small door" and tightly build the epidemic prevention and control line.

Chen Haotan visited stores such as "Chu Ming Textile" and "Shengfeng Jushang", and communicated with the operators to understand the situation of product development, market development, sales, orders, and market resumed. The difficulties encountered, requiring relevant departments to strengthen service guidance, actively help enterprises to solve problems, overcome difficulties with enterprises, help enterprises to boost confidence and achieve better development.

Chen Hao also inspected the China Textile City North Market Express Parts area and the International Fabric Purchase Center Express (Express) centralized receipt and receiving office to learn more about the implementation of market express delivery and receiving management regulations and the implementation of related epidemic prevention and control measures. The strings of thought, adhere to the same defense, standardize the operation process, and do a good job of courier and disinfecting and classification of express parts to effectively prevent and block virus transmission.

Chen Hao emphasized that all departments at all levels should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the prevention and control of epidemic and economic and social development, implement the spirit of the national market phone conference on the economic market, and strictly implement the various epidemic prevention and control. Under the premise of measures, further strengthen service measures, optimize the business environment, comprehensively boost market confidence, stimulate corporate vitality, and effectively promote the re -production of markets and enterprises in an orderly manner. In order "Half a year is stable and half a year" contributed more.

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